All About Me

Things about me
Lelo Kong, Hmong, Wisconsinite, Navy Veteran, Graduate B.S. in Computer Science, Christian

Color: Navy Blue & Teal
Number: 2^x
Food: Fried Rice & Egg Roll
Flower: Peach Blossom

Since its a short list, Favorite Singer
Chihiro Onitsuka, Florence + The Machine, Lene Marlin, Within Temptation, Kelly Clarkson, Gabrielle Aplin, Dido, Jewel, Utada Hikaru, Rachel Platten, Groove Coverage

Hobbies & Pastime
Camping, Fishing, Hunting, Wood Working, Software Development

The things I am into and the things i like.
Weight Lifting, BBQ & Grilling, Photography, Walleye + Salmon + Crappie Fishing, Object Oriented Programming, Small House Movement