Fishing Reports

2015 Fishing Report

Apr 4 De Pere
16 walleye, 20-26?, BFNT 4? Moxie green & chartreuse
caught most fish 30 minute before sunset until a little after sunset
Time: 2PM to 8PM Wind: 19 W Air: 80 F Water: 46 F Sky: Sunny

Apr 12 Beaver Dam
4 crappie + 2 perch, 10-12?, white mini
crappie been hitting for a couple of weeks
Time: 1PM to 4PM Wind: 20 S Air: 65 F Sky: Cloudy

Apr 14 Oshkosh
1 crappie, 12?, minnow + bobber
tried miller bay and south asylum bay and channels, still too cold
Time: 7AM to 11AM Wind: 4 NW Air: 55 F Water: 50 F Sky: Sunny

Apr 16 Winneconne Bridge
9 walleye, 15-26?, leech + sinker,
walleye was biting very fast and dropping
Time: 8PM to 12PM Wind: 8 W Air: 60 F Water: 58 F Sky: Clear

Apr 17 Oshkosh
25+ crappie, 10-14?, minnow + bobber
tried rainbow park with nothing, then went to miller bay shore line for crappie
Time: 9AM to 3PM Wind: 4 NE Air: 70 F Water: 60 F Sky: Sunny

May 1 Oshkosh
14 crappie, 8 bluegill, 8-14?, white mini mite
tried reef & fox river for walleye with nothing, then south asylum bay channels for crappie and bluegill
Time: 6AM to 3PM Wind: 4 SW Air: 70 F Water: 60 F Sky: Sunny

May 23 Devil’s Lake
16+ bass, 10-12?, minnow + bobber, squarebill
camping trip, south side of lake
Time: 2PM to 6PM Wind: 6 N Air: 75 F Sky: Sunny

2014 Fishing Reports

March 13 – Lake are still Iced out. Temp in the low 30’s
March 27 – First real day of spring. Ice out very soon
April 5 – Fished at Beaver Dam River. Caught 5 walleye. Only one keeper
April 19 – Fished Jefferson, no fish. water temp 45 degrees
April 21 – Fishing Burlington & J. A few white bass only
April 22 – Fish at J again, caught 16 white bass

2012 Fishing Report

Jan: First Half: Got fish every trip to Big Muskego Lake, mostly pike and perch.
Jan: Second Half: Went to Little Sturgeon Bay three times, caught a total around 20-30 whitefish. Our first year, so could of done much better.

Feb, First half: Tried the harbor couple times, caught many browns trolling.
Feb, Second half: Winds has been over 15 mph often with no chance to get on the water.

March, First Half, Major winds 15+ mph, with some days 30+ mph winds, no good days to go fishing.
March 15, Drift at rock river by Lake Koshkonong, got a couple hits, and one keeper walleye, fish are really tiny. nothing work except 1/4 oz blade bait tip with live minnow.
March 16, Troll outside Milwaukee harbor in 50 FOW, got a small Brown Trout and a 6# Lake Trout.
March 18, try fishing in Oshkosh, the entire Fox river in the city, No Fish
March Last half, been out picking up 8-10 inch gills out of wind lake

Opening Day, Fish at Lake Wingra, caught at least 15 to 20 bass, only one keeper. also caught a small 20+ inch musky
May 6, Went to wind lake, fish through a thunder storm, caught a keeper bass, 3 pike, and about 6 blue gill.
May 11, went trolling outside of main gap, picked up a 6# salmon
May 12, Caught like 30+ blue gills, at Little Muskego
May 13, Went trolling at Winnebago, caught 8 Walleye and a Sauger, also caught about 10 crappie in the morning.
May 14, Caught 5 or 6 slag crappie at Little Muskego.
May 15, Caught close to 3 cooler white bass at Jefferson.
May 16, Caught like 8 tiny Channel catfish at J.
May 17, Caught 30+ chub, and 15-16 inch rainbow trout at the chub place.

June 7: went out trolling in 70 feet of water out of milwaukee harbor, picked up 7 kings, 1 coho, total calm, good day to be out.
June ?: went out of mckinley with koua, got 6 kings
June ?: went out of milwaukee harbor agian with dad, picked up 2 laker and a king
June ?: went out with khue, miss a bunch in the morning, only manage 1 rainbow and a laker
June 23: went to the bago, out of fond du lac to try to walleye, ended up with a 4 man limit, plus just as many white bass, couple perch, crappie, and sheep